LaMetric Social Media Followers Counter & Time Wifi Clock Review. Every Influencer needs this!

The LaMetric Followers/Subscribers Counter is a perfect Gadget for every Influencer and Youtuber 2018


What’s LaMetric Followers Counter & Wifi Clock?
LaMetric’s Wifi Clock & Social Media Followers Counter is a must-have for every Influencer and Youtuber. 
It’s the #1 Youtube, Instagram and Twitter counter for people who want to see their real-time growth on the desk while working on new projects.
But it’s not only for counting followers. There’s so much more you can do with that little gadget! You can turn it into a super fresh looking clock.


A perfect addition for smart-home lovers
Connect this gadget with your smart home devices and get an audio notification sent by Alexa every time someone hits the “follow” button on your social media profile.
Every follower can be really motivating when you see your community growing in real-time. Especially when you are new to Youtube or any other social media platform.


LaMetric’s Followers Counter & Wifi Clock is a huge piece for the whole smart-home cake. Netatmo Weather Station users can connect the LaMetric device to it and display the actual outside temperature. Also you’d be able to control your Philips Hue Lights with it. As I said, it’s a huge piece of the smart-home cake!

I’m just using this gadget to display my growth on Instagram. I’ do not have any other smart-home devices but I’m in love though! Tracking your progress through a digital clock is so innovative!
For me, the retro look of it’s pixel numbers on the display are amazing. Reminds me of old video games from my childhood.


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The price for this followers counter & wifi clock is at 180€ – 190€. If you can afford it you won’t regret you invest.
This gadget is available on amazon 👉🏽 click here.



  • Always get precise time and show your difference with thousands of clock faces
  • Track weather, emails, events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and other metrics in real-time
  • Get notifications from Netatmo, Alexa. Toggle Philips Hue, WeMo with the click. Works with IFTTT
  • Wake up to your favourite Internet radio stations, stream smartphone music to stereo speakers
  • Standalone Wi-Fi device, iPhone or android smartphone is needed for configuration only. LaMetric supports 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz networks

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Cryptotab Review: Free Bitcoin Mining. Passive Income 2018 made easy!

I’m sure everyone heard about bitcoin and it’s huge growth in 2017/2018.
If you didn’t jump in yet this could be your big chance. Earn bitcoin without an investment. You only have to own a pc with the google chrome browser.

Cryptotab is an extension (App) for Google Chrome. You do not have to own any high performance hardware for cryptocurrency mining anymore.
Cryptotab is a great chance for beginners to get into mining without investing in graphic cards and other expensive hardware.

Cryptotab is a company based in Massachusetts, USA. They act worldwide with it’s partner Google Chrome.

How does Cryptotab work?

Cryptotab’s product is an easy-to-use app. It’s available for Goole Chrome only and it’s free to use for everyone with the Chrome browser.
Cryptotab is a software that can turn your computer into a mining machine.
Through the app, computing power of the computer is used to mine Bitcoin.
The program works only as long as Google Chrome is runing.

How to use it? – Install the app, run google chrome, earn.
It’s that easy! Try it 👉🏼 click here

How do you get paid?

At first all profits go to CryptoTab. You get a very good piece of the cake then. Your earnings will be kept in a wallet at CryptoTab until you have reached the minimum of 0.0004 BTC to cash out.

How much can you earn?

CryptoTab will not mine more than 1 Cent in Bitcoin a day. But you can’t expect more from a free to use money-making app.

But there’s another way to make money through CryptoTab. Ideally, CryptoTab also offers an affiliate system. If you recommend CryptoTab to other people, you get a commission. In this case, this even goes to the 10th level. All you have to do is pass on the personal login link and you will be paid as soon as someone downloads CryptoTab via the link.

Sounds like a great side-hustle for you? It really is a great opportunity to make some money on the side. PASSIVE!

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