I’m sure you can identify with at least one number of these things. Stopping them could be the key to a more productive you.


  1. Multitasking
    Focus on one task at a time. Only 2-3% of the population is capable of effectively multitasking.
  2. Checking emails too often
    People are wasting too much time checking their emails. Try restricting email checking to a few times a day.
  3. Using your phone in bed
    LED screens give off blue light, which can suppress production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleep cycle and makes us happier.
  4. Not taking enough breaks
    One study found that taking brief breaks from work can help you stay focused, whereas no breaks will make you lose focus.
  5. Over-Planning
    Don’t plan every hour of the day. It doesn’t allow for the unexpected to happen, which can throw a wrench into the entire day.
  6. Not tracking your time
    Track how long you spend on tasks. It can help you understand where your time goes & how long future tasks can take.